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WHFT - Episode 69

This episode is absolutely bursting at the seams! We eat delicious "Uncrustables" while investigating Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model unmentionables... Then shoot down a proposed "yoga pants ban" (for obvious reasons)... Followed by some killer "would you rathers", and capped by the "7 deadly sins of Gilligan's Island". Also, I try to convince Bombs to become a cougar hunter. Plus, this all happens while we thoroughly interview Mr. Jack Daniels. Buckle up.


WHFT - Episode 68

With a bottle of Jack Daniels in our hands and two cases of wine at our feet, this week we preview the Super Bowl, give out secret bowling tips, and solve some of the greatest mysterious of life. Bombs is also now able to mass produce his miracle invention, the "Bedside Assist", so if anyone wants one, or would like to comment on his masterful woodworking please hit us up at wickedhappyfuntime.com


WHFT - Episode 67

In this holiday episode spectacular, Bombs invents the "Bedside Assist".


WHFT - Episode 66


For Episode 66 we have our good friend Carl "Hot Wasabi" Utsinger in the studio, and he tells us all about the wonderful world of Japan! All of your questions regarding sushi, karaoke, and sexy concubine slave bars will be answered.

WHFT - Episode 65

Cheeseatron 2000 is here to help us tackle the most important issues of the day... Bomb's hot roomate & his possible new girlfriend Lindsy, the real deal behind gluten free living, & Gordon Ramsay's bathroom spyhole.


WHFT - Episode 64

In this episode we skydive on heroin, take lasers camping, and invent a new word... it's acrazing!


WHFT - Episode 63

Today it's all about camping, "Pete The Talking Poo", & Thanksgiving in a can.


WHFT - Episode 62

Bombs finds Beyonce's robe, then eats naked sushi. We also invent an app about pooping and discuss bathroom candy.


WHFT - Episode 61

This is a very special episode. It contains The Cheese's daughter Harper, Project Taco, and 4th of July holiday sharting.


WHFT - Episode 60

In episode 60 we sum up Bombs' infinitely amazing new Pi tattoo, play with the Fudgehammer, and laugh at Hoarders.


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