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WHFT #79 (healthy boogers, toilet pythons, & Texas)

This week is all about healthy boogers, toilet pythons, & Texas.

WHFT #78 (the Kardashians ruin New Year’s Eve & some gimp etiquette)

Our friend Matt Beals stops by to discuss the most interesting news items of the day, such as the Kardashians Ruining New Year's Eve & what to buy gimps at the grocery store.

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WHFT #77 (yoga w/ Tim Tebow, fat Barbie, & fossilized spider boners)

Episode #77 is hands down our best episode since episode #76. Bombs does Yoga w/ Tim Tebow (for reals), Mattel's got a new "Fat Barbie" doll, and we touch on 99 million year old spider boners (also for reals).

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WHFT #76 (Back to the Future quiz & PH balance strip challenge)

Bombs takes a "Back to the Future" pop quiz, loses his girl, & challenges The Cheese in a PH balance strip contest. Also, coked up 80's ghosts.

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WHFT #75 (Da rap game & a secret YouTube campus)

In episode 75 we play the “Distinguished Gentleman Rap Game”. Plus The Cheese gets busted taking pictures at a secret YouTube studio.

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WHFT #74 (The Cheese’s new “High on Love” pot fueled blind date show)

Bombs appears on The Cheese's new cannabis-fueled blind date show "Dating Baked", it's confirmed that Shakespeare did indeed love Mary Jane, and for some reason we develop a strong desire to get invited to the Neverland Ranch for some Jesus juice. Weed love to say more but recommend you spark a J and let your ears do the rest. This episode might go well with a nice Sativa, perhaps "Turbo Diesel" or "Strawberry Cough".

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WHFT #73 (The Dragonboat Date)

In this episode Bombs recaps his hilarious "dragon boat" date, we review the world's funniest city names, and The Cheese ushers in his new alkaline diet with some absurdly expensive 8.8 pH Himalayan mineral water.

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WHFT #72 (Ear Fetish Becomes a Thing)

In this groundbreaking episode Bombs and The Cheese layout a plan for their new (and safe for work) ear fetish website lustylobes.com. Plus The Cheese visits a witch doctor, and there is a heated debate about the ins & outs of late night sauna etiquette. If you enjoy the show please give the boys an iTunes rating & review at: www.whftreview.com. Need some life advice? Just email the geniuses at wickedhappyfuntime@gmail.com (they know everything).


WHFT - Episode 71

The Cheese has a stroke. Seriously... I had a stroke on May 1st. It sucked really really bad. In this episode we tackle other fun subjects like Italy's controversial "poop museum" and the deadly new Florida street drug "flakka". Also, does anyone know where we can score some "flakka"?


WHFT - Episode 70

For episode 70 we welcomed the “Irish Assassin” into the studio for some series movie mayhem. “Matty” (as he’s also known) takes movie going to a level we have never seen before. He actually sneaks soup into the theatre… soup… with bread. For your viewing pleasure we’ve made a montage of his incredible tattoos and posted it on our website (wickedhappyfuntime.com). Topics also include the pitfalls of doing math at Indian weddings and the acting ability of Christian Bale’s mole. Plus we end the show with some can’t miss “Would You Rathers”!


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