Wicked Happy Fun Time

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Bombs & The Cheese

October 11, 2015

Occidental College - Los Angeles, CA - 1999

We met on the floor of the chapter room while pledging for the Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) Fraternity. Brendan later introduced me to "Family Guy", and I showed him how to make my magical secret elixir "The Fuel". A strong friendship was then formed. One day Bombs was a guest on my K-OXY college radio show and it was instantly obvious that we clicked, like a... well like a clicker. But this newly formed tag team would have to go way beyond a lame communist college radio station that ended up canceling our show. We knew this would have to be a big time creative partnership that selflessly decides to entertain the world. Our mission: if you choose to except it, is to make everyone on earth laugh at least one time, which if done correctly should eventually create a massive positive energy force that ends up saving the human race as we know it. You're welcome.